AnCnoc Vintage 1975 40 Jahre 44,2% (1 X 0,70L)**

AnCnoc Vintage 1975 40 Jahre 44,2% (1 X 0,70L)**

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1 l = 928,29 €

AnCnoc Vintage 1975 40 Jahre 44,2% (1 X 0,70L)**

Released in February 2015 this Limited Edition Single Malt was drawn from just three casks at our picturesque Knockdhu Distillery in Huntly. Distinguished by its bronze tone, anCnoc 1975 Vintage is neither chill-filtered nor coloured and is bottled at its natural cask strength of 44.2% ABV. Matured in Spanish and American oak casks, the whisky is full-bodied, intense and complex with notes of fruit cake, sticky toffee and seasoned leather which leads to a long, sweet finish.

Colour: Dark bronze with mahogany highlights.

Nose: Waves of spicy dried fruit and creamy vanilla sweetness are accentuated by orange peel, green apple freshness and just a hint of cut flowers.

Taste: Full-bodied, intense and complex. Fruit cake, sticky toffee and seasoned leather are followed by signature notes of honey and lemons, leading eventually to a long, mouth-watering finish full of spice and sweetness.

Hersteller Angaben - Limited Edition mit nur 1590 Flaschen weltweit!

Alkoholgehalt: 44,2% Alter: 40 Flascheninhalt: 0,70L

Inver House Distillers LTD, Lanarkshire, ML6 8PL, Airdrie, Schottland

Ursprungsland: Schottland

Artikel: Whisky

**Hinweis: Für den obigen Artikel gilt die Differenzbesteuerung gemäß § 25 UstG

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