Glenfarclas Vintage 1976 40 Jahre 0,7l 43,7%

Glenfarclas Vintage 1976 40 Jahre 0,7l 43,7%

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1 l = 1.999,21 €

Glenfarclas Vintage 1976 Family Casks 0,7l 41,8%

This month J. & G. Grant introduce the final limited edition to the Family Collector Series, the Glenfarclas 1976 40 Years Old VI. George S. Grant, Sales Director and 6th generation of the family, will soon reach his 40th birthday and what better way to celebrate than launch a special whisky for the occasion! Matured in our finest Sherry Casks, this bottling produced a total of 1,500 bottles at 43.7%, which will be available worldwide in the upcoming months. Born in 1976, George takes great pleasure in sharing the last of the 1976 Glenfarclas casks with you. He is passionate about Glenfarclas and particularly enjoys introducing whisky lovers to these older expressions of Glenfarclas, those distilled by his grandfather and watched over by his father. He comments “The 1970s was a key time period in Glenfarclas history as this is when my grandfather decided to push sales of Glenfarclas single malt, combined with my father’s efforts in appointing distributors around the world”. Today the 5th & 6th generations of the Grant family can enjoy the fruits of their labour as they complete the Family Collector Series with the fantastic Glenfarclas 1976 40 Years Old VI.

2016 has certainly been an eventful year with a number of new vintage releases from the distillery. Glenfarclas is proud to show a commitment to age statement whiskies in an evolving market where keeping it classic yet creative presents an exciting challenge. We hope you enjoy this special Glenfarclas 1976 40 Years Old as much as George Grant will on his birthday!

*Hersteller Beschreibung

• Alkoholgehalt: 43,7% • Alter: 40  Jahre • Flascheninhalt: 0,70 Liter

Glenfarclas Distillery, Ballindalloch, AB37 9BD, Banffshire, Schottland

Ursprungsland: Schottland

Artikel: Whisky

Allergene: keine

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