Invergordon 1973-2016 42 Jahre Single Grain Wilson & Morgan 0,7l 52,6%

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Invergordon 1973-2016 42 Jahre Single Grain Wilson & Morgan 0,7l 52,6%

Invergordon 42yo "Traditional Oak" cask #13000000039 - Limitiert auf 247 Flaschen!

A very old Invergordon, fully matured in refill bourbon casks because slow aging with a restrained influence from the oak is always the ideal choice for getting the best from grain whisky. At the nose it’s actually quite subdued, with delicate hints of vanilla and pepper, and it doesn’t reveal the explosion of flavours that takes place with the first sip. The taste is sweet, juicy, almost syrupy and concentrated, but the initial thickly honeyed attack is immediately balanced by mint, liquorice and balsamic notes. The tannins and bitterness from the oak, plus a hint of mustiness, never let the buttery sweetness become too overpowering. In the finish, the peppery note grows strong and gives it a stimulating touch.

*Hersteller Beschreibung

Alkoholgehalt: 52,6% Alter: 42 Flascheninhalt: 0,70l

DTS & W GmbH, Gewerbepark Bwb 17, 83052 Bruckmühl

Ursprungsland: Schottland

Artikel: Whisky

Allergene: keine

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